diptych is an eight-seat omakase room in amsterdam.

omakase is short for omakase shimasu which means i leave it up to you in japanese.

trust is the main principle omakase-style restaurants are built on. there is no fixed menu, list of dishes and sometimes not even prices. guests give the chef the freedom to create a special experience. in turn, she creates a tailor-made menu right in front of the guests who are seated at the chef’s counter in an intimate atmosphere. the dishes are based on artistic vision and in response to the flow of the evening.

at diptych’s eight-seat counter, you observe the transformation of familiar and less familiar ingredients into carefully created dishes and learn about the stories that inspired them. omakase-style dining is inclusive in terms of technique, ingredients and style. inspired by japanese principles and cuisine, diptych combines elements of different culinary traditions and turns them into something new. local farmers work hard to produce the purest and most flavourful ingredients. our aim is to convey and elevate their craft and bring the highest quality seasonal products to our guests.

the diptych experience includes multiple plates with optional handcrafted drinks and/or tea pairings. we recommend setting aside at least three hours for your meal and advise making a reservation as seating is limited. traditionally, the price for an omakase-style menu, as well as the menu itself, changes.

we have two seatings a day starting at 12:30 and 19:00 where we serve eleven plates: 65 eur. drinks pairing: 40 eur.

having a flexible pricing allows us to find and share the finest ingredients at a fair price without any compromises.

please inform us about any dietary restrictions at least 48 hours in advance of your visit, so that we can accommodate them.

diptych omakase room
potgieterstraat 47 amsterdam